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Laravel Bootstrap Components v1.1 Download
Laravel Bootstrap Components v1.0 Download


Compatible with Laravel 5.5 - 8.x

  1. Unzip the package
  2. Paste all folders and files in your Laravel root folder
    app/Lbc and resources/views/lbc.
  3. Install following composer and npm packages.
    composer require intervention/image
    composer require jenssegers/agent
    npm i bootstrap@4.5.2
    npm i jquery@3.4.1
    npm i popper.js
    npm i vanilla-lazyload
    npm i prismjs
  4. Add the following lines in your resources/sass/app.scss.
    // Lbc only
    @import    '../views/lbc/assets/sass/app';
    // Lbc with theme liara (if you activate theme liara)
    // @import    '../views/lbc/assets/sass/app-with-theme-liara';
  1. Add the following lines in your resources/js/app.js.
    // Lbc only
    // Lbc with theme liara (if you activate theme liara)
    // require('../views/lbc/assets/js/app-with-theme-liara')
  2. Add the following lines in your routes/web.php.
    // Lbc basics
    // if you want to have the docs for it
    // Lbc theme liara (
    // App\Lbc\LaravelBootstrapComponents::initThemeLiara();
  3. Run npm run production and finish

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